My breeding policy is based on two pillars: the idea of useful dog and the ethical breeding. On this basis, many of my dogs descend from dogs used in the rustic world: in other words, they come from a spontaneous natural selection based on practical utility.

As a consequence of this, they are defined by the features required in the rustic environment: they are used to live free in a big enclosed plot of land (1 hectare more or less) in a rural environment, very similar to their natural environment, where they are used to live under hierarchical social structure and where they can run freely and feed themselves with wild herbs.

My way of breeding it is not so different from the breeding way of the people who have always used this kind of working dogs, although I add the planned mating, disease monitoring and, last but not least, an ethical point of view. It is very important that the old dogs pursue living in the kennel, although they are not more able in terms of reproduction, because they are useful in order to preserve the social running within the group; in fact, thanks to their experience and stability, they can help puppies growing in a good way, learning them to communicate and pack social awareness.

I am used to test my dogs every day, checking their intentions in the pack, their behaviours with puppies, and how they deal with my guests and with the foreigners who get in the kennel without me; last but not least, I am used to test their pet therapy disposition and tests have exceeded the expectations, particularly about Italian Cane Corso and Abruzzese Mastiff.

This breeding plan cannot ignore the traditional feeding, made by the selection of good foods: kneaded dough, raw meat checked in terms of butchery's quality, eggs, bread and milk products and best dog food of course. Last but not least, it is very important in terms of good eating, the supply given by wild herbs that growing where the dogs live.

In a nutshell, I do all these things so as to highlight dog's own disposition and features that he has got since he has been tamed, in order to provide dogs with strong and balanced personality at the same time, make them naturally able to reach good results in terms of work and healthier than dogs that are not used to live freely.

My goal is to make champion dogs: I do not mean dog show winners, of course, but champions of everyday life that can achieve the traditional dog tasks, and also can be balanced friends, members of family, playmates for kids, and a good help in the pet therapy. My puppies are given:

Usually after the reservation; as a matter of fact, it needs time to understand as deeply as possible the puppy's predisposition so as to send him in the suitable environment.

When are 75 days old;

After have been socialized;

After worming medication;

After vaccination;

Provided with health record;

Provided with a microchip implanted;

Provided with health guarantee;

ENCI's pedigree only for Italian Cane Corso breed.